This will become a more user friendly list eventually


Goal – To develop a one-stop, extendable platform to handle all aspects of managing a computer repair shop

    Objective 1 – Establish a strong backend/database model for the framework to run on.

       Activity 1a – Establish an extendable model within database constraints.

        Activity 1b – Develop a solid set of tables for the built in features.

        Activity 1c – UML design for database tables

        Activity 1e – Write SQL Table Create Code

    Objective 2 – Establish a front-end model or software pattern that is efficient and extensible for future proofing.

        Activity 2a – Develop shell classes for all of the included features within the constraints of the design pattern.

        Activity 2b – Finalize shell classes and test their interface with each other.

        Activity 2c – Add or extend classes with public methods for API and extensibility.

        Activity 2d – Verify shell’s interface with backend interface

    Objective 3 – Develop a user friendly interface that is both intuitive and has room to grow in the future.

        Activity 3a – Sketch some rough layout options and get a peer review of them.

        Activity 3b – Implement Main Screen

        Activity 3c – Implement List Item Screens (Customers, Clients, invoices etc)

        Activity 3d – Add extendability to UI for plugins to be able to extend.

        Activity 3e – Test the implemented UI with potential users of software.

    Objective 4 – Build documentation for all aspects of the software and make it user readable and publicly available.

        Activity 4a  – Pull documentation from all of the public classes and functions.

        Activity 4b  – Add information about implementing plugins to integrate more features.

        Activity 4c  – Build documentation into a website for easy access.