Inventory System

Inventory System

We are tasked with creating an online inventory system for toy company named Ditropolis – Our direct “customer” would be eCreations, the web firm assigned to creating the application. The inventory system will track widgets, their quantity and their locations. Any guest can view the inventory at any given location. Users can log in and “check out” widgets and assign the widgets from location to location. Admin can create new widgets as well as new locations. The application will be developed and live on the web. For practicality purposes, back-end development will be done in PHP with database calls done in MySQL. The interface markup will be completed with HTML, JavaScript, CSS and jQuery (JavaScript Library).

Customer description

We will be doing work for a small web design firm out of Phoenix by the name eCreations. The site can be found at Our point of contact is the lead back-end developer by the name of Matt Miller. He has been with the company for just over a year and has over five years of programming experience. Mr. Miller will critique our process and procedures and ensure basic database security precautions are taken. He has informed me that he will be available throughout the week via email and I have scheduled a half hour phone call with him Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:00PM MST. He also guaranteed flexible hours over the weekend.

Team members

  • Blake Sutton
  • Richard Pasqualone
  • Stephen Nosalik

Plans for team coordination

The following is a list of what we plan to use for collaboration and team work.

  • BitBucket ( Team repository, issue tracking.
  • Hangouts ( Google chat for talking and updates. The video portion for team meetings and face to face interviews.
  • GenMyModel ( UML and project flow charts/management.
  • OneDrive ( Team documentation with live collaboration support.
  • Email: Group communication that is not necessarily instant or longer than appropriate for IM.

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November 28, 2015