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Raspbrewer is designed to be a simple and easily modified automated home brewery control powered by the Raspberry Pi.


Raspbrewer is licensed under the MPL 2.0 license Copy Found Here

This simply means your can use the code and keep your changes private. If you modify the Raspbrewer files you must share the source of those files.


Demonstration Video


  • Homebrewers
  • Programers
  • Tinkerers

This project is aimed at any tech savvy individuals who want to get into home brewing or are looking to help others automate their home brewing process. It is NOT intended for commercial purposes as there are much stricter stipulations and regulations in place. This project is available under the Mozilla Public License.

Benefits and Limitations:

This system will allow you to brew a batch of beer if you have the components in place as listed in the links and tutorials below. The main limitation is there is no external support for chaning the recipe. At this time you would have to recompile to change temperatures etc. This takes about 30 seconds to compile on the RPi but it is definitely a limitation. An input system will be added in a future version. The main benefit is that this can brew a really nice Cream Ale with only about a 200$ investment.

Components Used:


The newer raspian images do not have the correct settings in the config. You must add the following line to your boot config if it is not present.


You will also have to install WiringPi library. The library is at the bottom but here is a direct link to the install instructions. HERE

Wiring the SainSmart

Wiring the Outlet


Simply run the following through a terminal or ssh.

sudo ./raspbrewer

Prior Work and Libraries:

  • WiringPi – Raspberry Pi GPIO library for C
  • PThread – Multithreading C library
  • NCurses – Terminal GUI control

Demonstration Video:

Images (Click to Expand):

Raspbrewer Wiring SainSmart Relay


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November 29, 2015